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About us

The Office of the Commissioner for Children was set up in terms of the Commissioner for Children Act of 2003, to promote the welfare of children and the compliance with the UN Convention on the rights of the child, as ratified by Malta on the 26th of January 1990, and such other international treaties, conventions or agreements relating to children as are or may be ratified or otherwise acceded to by Malta.

The use of the term ‘Commissioner’ implies that there is a specific person who is working for children, and who is safeguarding their best interests. Rather than simply acting on adult assumptions regarding the needs of children, the Commissioner must promote children’s rights by being informed directly of the experience of children themselves.

The establishment of this entity was a significant step in the recognition of the rights of the child on a national level, and focuses on the protection of children, the promotion of children’s rights, the provision of necessary services for children, and the participation of children. The office acts as a focal point which monitors the current social and cultural situation in relation to children in the Maltese Islands, such that it can contribute substantially in the co-ordination that needs to take place across all sectors in order to have family-friendly policies that are also child oriented.

The Office is presently composed of a:


Head of Office – Full Time

Task Manager – Full Time

Policy Officer – Full Time

Project Officer – Full Time

Teacher – Full Time

Principal – Full Time

Driver/Office hand – Full time


The Commissioner for Children in Malta is currently Mrs. Pauline Miceli.


Commissioner of Children

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